Mid Summer Mist

Mist and cool weather in the Blue Mountains makes for a refreshing break from the heat of mid - summer.   You can see more of this post here Govetts Leap  

A Start

Picking up your camera after almost 6 months of non - usage can be rather daunting. Major life events, Obstacles, emotions and stress can cause many a Photographer to put away their camera for awhile.   As I started taking shots again it was like I had my old friend back. Nothing had changed, except … Continue reading A Start

Bush Moods

Blue Mountains Australia.

    Amidst the tall trees, rich green Tree Ferns stand tall in all their luxuriousness. Fine leaved Banksia's reach for the suns rays As shafts of shimmering sunlight, broken by tall trees Reveal the shade - lovers dwelling in the forests rich undergrowth. All is quiet on this fine Winters day. Just a hint … Continue reading Bush Moods